Commercial and corporate law

Commercial law

Laws on commercial agents/laws relating to contracted dealers

Drafting of contracts

Settlement claims

Restraint of trade

Goodwill decisions

Individual and general powers of attorney

Commercial sales

Commission trading

Freight business



Drafting of escrow agreements and letter of intent

Representation in disputes with commercial agents

Corporate law

stablishment of all kinds of company:
civil code partnerships (GbR), partnerships (PartG), private limited partnerships (PartGmbB), general partnerships (OHG), limited commercial partnerships (KG), general partnerships with private limited partner (GmbH & Co.KG), limited partnerships (GmbH), public limited companies (AG), registered cooperatives (eG)

Drafting of contracts

Restructuring of corporations/companies


Regulation of company succession

Disputes between companies/disputes between partners

Managing director employment contracts

Managing director liability

Partner resolutions

Support during general meetings

Disputes regarding deficiencies in resolutions

Liquidation of companies

Concealed distribution of profits