Success requires trust. Winning this anew every day is our claim.

As a medium-sized law firm, we advise consumers, companies as well as corporate groups in the areas of construction and architectural law as well as real estate, commercial tenancy, corporate and tax law; always supported by our claim to achieve the - high - goals set by our clients on the basis of a reliable, trusting cooperation characterised by mutual respect.

Without exception, the partners and staff of our firm have an above-average and practice-oriented expertise, which guarantees that we can meet the challenges we face in the interest of our clients.

Our work is value-oriented. What counts for us is reliability, trust and the promise to meet the demands placed on us in a competent and success-oriented manner.


Häberer + Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB was established in 2005 when the then founding partners, Frank Häberer, lawyer, and Christof Franz, lawyer, who has since left the firm, took over the Leipzig office of a supra-regional law firm with offices in Frankfurt/Main, Paris, Hamburg and Leipzig and developed it into their own law firm.

Due to the increasing international clientele and more complex mandates, the firm changed its legal form from a civil law partnership to a partnership with limited professional liability in 2014.